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St. John Vianney School believes that the primary responsibility of education lies with the parents of our children, and that any successful educational program depends upon the positive and active cooperation and involvement of the parents or guardians with the school. It is expected that families will be involved on a voluntary basis to provide support services that will benefit the school community. All families of St. John Vianney students are required to complete 20 GENERAL HOURS and 10 FUNDRAISING HOURS.

We also have our TIGER TRACKS program, which is our incentivized referral program that allows our current families to earn parent hours and/or registration fee waivers/refunds through:
      1. ONLINE SCHOOL REVIEWS   We would like to boost our online reviews on such platforms as Facebook, Google, Niche, and Great Schools so that prospective families have numerous, updated parent testimonials at their disposal to read through when first stumbling upon our school through their own online searches. Therefore, for every 5-star review that your family writes on one of these platforms, we will be giving 1 parent volunteer hour. So copy/paste the same 5-star review and testimonial on all four platforms, and you’ve earned 4 parent volunteer hours! (For quick “go-to” reference of where to find these review buttons on each site, see the attached screenshots for a quick reference.)
  1. “SHARE” OUR SCHOOL SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS We also cannot underestimate the power of social media and how many people we can potentially reach with YOUR help! Therefore, for every 2 “Shares” that you do on Facebook related to any of our school social media posts, you will earn 1 parent volunteer hour. (*NOTE: In an effort to spread out these efforts across an entire school year, however, we are limiting this incentive to 2 shares per family per month. But that still means if your family shares two posts every month for the 9 months of school, you can earn 9 parent volunteer hours just by clicking on that “Share” button 18 different times throughout the year!)
Finally, we feel confident that once we get a new family on our actual campus for a tour, the road to actual enrollment is pretty easy! It’s that first part – getting those families THROUGH OUR DOORS – that we need your help with! Therefore, if you can provide a direct referral and get someone through our doors who then actually ENROLLS, we will waive your $350 registration fee as well as half of your annual required parent volunteer hours (for the school year following when the referral took place)! (*NOTE: The $350 waiver/refund will actually be applied to your December tuition statement following the referral.)

For a list of all applicable annual school fees and required volunteer hours, please see our All-in-Fees Sheet 2021-2022 click here

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