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Saints Alive Newsletter February 2022

St. John Vianney School
February 2022
Volume I, Issue VI

Welcome to February, SJV Community!

For many, the month of February is thought of as the month of love as we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  But, did you know that Valentine’s Day is really the feast day of a great saint, Saint Valentine?  Saint Valentine was a bishop and spent much of his life aiding persecuted Christians  in prison who

were awaiting being put to death for their faith.  When Emperor Claudius banned marriages because he wanted all young men to fight to save his failing empire rather than start families, Saint Valentine would marry them!  In the year 280, he himself was martyred when he refused to deny Christ in front of Emperor Claudius.   His feast day, February 14th, was established in the year 496. 

The Chair of St. Peter


On February 22nd, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. Saint Peter was an apostle and was chosen by Jesus himself to be the first Pope of the Catholic Church (Matthew 16:18). On the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, we focus on the unbroken line of Popes that started with Saint Peter and spans all the way to Pope Francis today. We hold that the Pope is the infallible leader of the Church and that God will not allow his faithful to be misled as the Pope upholds the doctrine and traditions of the Church. Remember to pray for our Pope (and all religious) that God will strengthen and guide him in the truth that comes only from God.

Write the Pope! Send your letter to:

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120, Vatican City

February- Also This Month!

Participate in these special Feast Days this month!

February 2nd:  The Presentation of the Lord.  Jesus is recognized as the Light of the World.  Bring your candles to morning mass to be blessed on this day!

February 3rd:  Saint Blaise, patron of those afflicted with throat ailments.  Come to morning mass and have your throat blessed by the priest.

February 11th:  Our Lady of Lourdes.  Pray to our Lady for the spiritual and physical healing of you, your family & friends.


Congratulations to all of our middle schoolers and parishioners who will receive the sacrament of Confirmation on February 22nd!  Say a prayer for them that the Holy Spirit will guide them all of their lives.

Pray, Study, Love, Serve!

Here are the virtues that our students will be focusing on during the month of February: Modesty, Trustworthiness, Courtesy, Prayerfulness, Foresight

JOIN US for morning mass in February! 8:00 am. Class attendance is as follows*:

Mondays:  2nd & 8th grades

Tuesdays:  1st & 7th grades

Wednesdays:  TK, 4th & 5th grades

Thursdays:  K, 3rd & 6th grades

*Subject to change due to COVID

Have questions for CSAC? Our next meeting will be held on February 7th,


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