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At Saint John Vianney School, we believe in the academic, social, and emotional growth of every child, so much so that we have 2 full-time staff on-site in our Enrichment Center. They help identify student needs, advocate for all learners so they are able to perform at their best, and support parents and teachers as they help children grow and learn.

The Enrichment Center works with families, teachers, and administration to facilitate Student Study Team (SST) meetings.

The Enrichment Director also works in partnership with parents and the public school to support and advocate for student services such as Speech Therapy, Psychoeducational Assessments, Occupational Therapy, and Social/Emotional Growth Plans also known as Behavior Plans. The Enrichment Director, along with the Homeroom Teacher and Principal, will attend public school IEPs to ensure accommodations can be put in place to support a student with an SLD (Student Learning Disability) or identified medical need determined by a 504 plan.

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