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Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

By its very nature, the Catholic School Advisory Commission is advisory. It is accountable to the pastor and principal in its operation. It agrees to follow the policies and administrative procedures of the Diocese of Sacramento and the Catholic School Department.

Members agree to use their talents, gifts and insights for the common good of the community to promote the mission and goals of Catholic education. They will defer personal agendas in order to discern with other members the issues, concerns and challenges they face in meeting the educational needs of the students.

The members model the faith community to its constituents. They promote respect between and among each other, acknowledge the various views of each member, discern with each other in an open and collaborative manner and support the decisions of the principal.

While the school Principal remains directly responsible for his/her school’s Catholic identity, curriculum, programs, and personnel, and reports directly to the Regional Director, Director of Catholic Schools, or the Pastor with respect to those matters, the school Principal will work interactively with his/her Catholic School Advisory Commission to fulfill the Catholic School Advisory Commission’s (CSAC) responsibilities in the school’s Catholic Identity, parent engagement, strategic planning, facilities, marketing and development activities.

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