The curriculum at St. John Vianney is deeply rooted in teaching the basic skills necessary for every student to learn what is presented, and also to develop the skills necessary to continue learning outside of the classroom and beyond eighth grade. The curriculum is integrated between subjects and between grades so that the learning process is seamless, and students easily transition to the next subject and next grade. The curriculum follows the California Common Core State Standards and Diocesean Standards for Religion. Please visit this link for more information.

Students receive grade appropriate instruction in Religion, Reading, English, Grammar, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Music. All students spend time in the computer lab learning technology skills. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum to ensure success for all students of the 21st century.

Physical Education is part of St. John Vianney’s required curriculum. This program is under the direction of a full-time P.E. teacher who is dedicated to providing active and challenging classes for each grade level. Students participate in gross motor movement, learn the rules of organized playground and court games, and are encouraged to be physically active in their lives.

St. John Vianney is committed to providing a quality academic program that fosters critical thinking and competency in verbal and nonverbal skills. It is the school’s goal to meet the individual needs of each student through a variety of learning experiences. St. John Vianney School focuses on the needs of the whole child as a valued and unique member of God’s family. Students are encouraged to develop and enhance their individual talents through a variety of academic and specialized programs.

Fine Arts

The educational experience at St. John Vianney School does not end with basic academics. The creative spirit in each student is released and encouraged through a variety of artistic and creative opportunities:

Through these programs, many students discover talents and interests that would otherwise go unexplored.